Saturday, October 6, 2012

Stardoll fashion pack = Monster shoes!

Yeah, the title is old news, but I had to wait for the clearance sale to get my hands on Stardoll shoes. :) 

When I heard Stardoll shoes fit Monster High dolls (with varying degrees of success, depends on the shoe style and your definition of fit) it gave me even more reason to want this Stardoll fashion pack, but I couldn't justify spending $15 on it.

(The actual items are circled, everything else is background art. That can be difficult to make out in online photos.)

When I first saw this fashion pack I figured everyone would want the killer purple dress so it wouldn't be around for the clearance phase, but I was wrong! Sometimes I really like being wrong. :) It was $7.48 at Target, 50% off retail. I peeled up the top sticker to check the previous clearance price: $10.48.

The remaining Stardolls were $7.48 as well, but the only Stardoll I really like was the raven haired gal in a red dress and I think she was in the previous wave of dolls? She wasn't there so I didn't buy a Stardoll despite the generous discount.

I love the purple dress but the raw edges are so cheap! :/ Bad Mattel! I'll be very gentle to avoid stressing the fabric, but it makes me even happier that I waited for the 50% off sale to buy it.

The leotard would look nice with jeans, leggings, or a skirt. The Lady Gaga silver plastic shoulder pads have already been misplaced, they're somewhere and I don't care where. Plastic doll jewelry is not my favorite thing to begin with, plastic made to look gold or silver usually looks especially bad -- unless it's very small like stud earrings or a simple bracelet.

The black bird hairpiece makes me think of Hitchcock (also Forget Paris and Frasier), but I might find the right doll to pull off the look. 

Bettie Page?

It looks like the designer tried to avoid a Hitchcock homage by making the wings different sizes ("see, it's NOT a bird!")... but it still looks like a bird. The octopus headpiece shown in the background art would've been a lot more interesting. Hm, I think that's a headpiece and not the Stardoll's pet. That'd be cool too though.

The rest of the accessories are OK, I mainly wanted this pack for the dress and shoes.

Today's fashion model was the only nude doll in plain sight, she's the Hayden I bought at the doll show last month.

Hayden is wearing her friend Daniela's wig, it's black with purple streaks. Yes, I love this dress! Maybe it'd look even better with black tights, I would've worn this dress with black stockings to a high school dance... which was awhile ago. ;) 

I thought the shoes looked familiar and then realized they're similar to shoes that came with an official Liv fashion.

Liv dolls wearing Stardoll shoes (left) and Liv shoes (right)

Liv dolls wearing a Stardoll fashion (left) and Liv fashion (right)
Hayden & Alexis, almost ready for the school dance

So what about the shoes? I was a little surprised to see they fit the Liv feet just fine, they're a smidge big but they still look good. Here's what they look like on Monster High dolls (Venus is wearing her stock MH shoes for comparison, the other shoe models are Frankie and Ghoulia):

I think they look good. You can see where the Stardoll shoes don't fit Monsters perfectly: a little gappy around the top, more foot is exposed in the back. I don't usually display my dolls with their backs facing front, so the back view isn't important to me. The heel on the red shoes bends in a funny way, but some monster shoes have the same problem. Maybe if I heat it up in boiling water it could be set properly.

Side note: Venus McFlytrap's shoes are so much fun! She's currently my very favorite Monster, Mattel did just about everything right with her. I love Venus so much I'll even overlook all the pink. :)


  1. You did great!! It's better to wait for the sale deal then to pay full price. I do that all the time.

  2. Nice review! I love that the Starr dolls shoes fit the MH dolls. The only thing is they are already dressed so cute and have killer shoes to begin with, the chances are slim to none that I will swap them out. Great price by the way. Sales are always good. It allows for more doll stuff. Lol!

  3. I love the Stardoll fashion!
    I just want to let you know that the octopus thing isn't a headpiece. I played stardoll for a long time and all the stardoll fashions are actually available on the website itself for your medoll. Every piece of clothing is a Hotbuy (rare clothes on stardoll that are available for a month) And the octopus thing is a bracelet, which is really small on the website.

  4. I bought an accessory pack myself, also for 7.48 :) (The one I got had the bustier top and pink dress) And like Dailey_Star says, that octopus thing is actually a bracelet, and the black head accessory is actually supposed to be bunny ears... at least on the game. (In case you couldn't tell, I used to play Stardoll as well)