Sunday, July 1, 2012

Silkstone Ken & a vintage Barbie repro

More thrift store finds.

After Tuesday book club (this was a couple weeks ago) I stopped at Value Village, despite it not being a sale day. The store is just a few blocks from the library, what if I missed something great? If you're a thrifter you've likely heard that same inner voice, it's hard to resist when you're driving by the store anyway. So I made a quick stop at VV to look through the bagged dolls hanging on pegs and noticed one bag in particular had some heft to it. "That's weird," I thought, "I wonder who this boy is?" I tapped the nude doll with my finger through the plastic. Hey, this is Silkstone!

I don't buy many male dolls but how could I pass up a Silkstone Ken for $4.00? He was bagged with two blonde '80s Superstar Barbies so it was $4 for all three dolls, but he's the only reason I bought the bag, he might as well have been in there by himself. You can be sure I looked at every bag to see if his Barbie was there too but no such luck, either she stayed with her owner or someone else found her at the thrift store.

This guy is from the 45th Anniversary Barbie & Ken giftset, which retailed for $150.00. I'm sure it sold for much less at some online doll shops, especially during clearance sales. I remember this set when it was first released in 2003 and had zero desire to buy it. It was out of my price range and I didn't like Barbie's dress or thick braided hairstyle.

Ken was missing his sharp suit so I dressed him in the best Ken suit I own, Fox Mulder's outfit from the X-Files Barbie and Ken giftset, which was my first Barbie purchase as an adult back in 1998.

I'm surprised Silkstone Ken made it through thrift store processing without breaking off a thumb or limb. I think he looks like a cross between Topher Grace and Benedict Cumberbatch. (Really I just wanted an excuse to say Benedict Cumberbatch. I love Sherlock!)

Most likely the first and last Silkstone Ken I ever buy

A few days ago I stopped by the Goodwill and found a Solo in the Spotlight repro Barbie wearing her beaded necklace, shoes, and sparkly black dress. Here she is exactly as she came off the shelf, I haven't even combed her hair yet.

The cashier carefully looked for a price tag but this doll didn't have one so she was $1.29, the default price for any toy without a tag at my Goodwill. I didn't notice many tags on the dolls this time (yay!) so they're experimenting with prices I guess. Last month's switch to higher prices on dolls left them with a growing stockpile, maybe they realized shoppers weren't biting and the prices were to blame. But maybe when I go back to the same store next week most of the dolls will be 3 bucks again, we shall see.

Anyway, the cashier told me this gal was an old doll and looked concerned (like she was thinking someone screwed up and put a very valuable item on the floor at a bargain price) but I assured her it was definitely a reproduction from the '90s. 1994, I just looked it up. Dyami was with me and asked how I knew, I told him, "I could tell from across the room, there's no doubt this is a reproduction." Once you know the difference it's impossible to confuse the Solo reproduction dolls with the originals.

You know what's weird? 1994 is almost 20 years ago, to some people that would make her an old doll! Where did the time go?!

You can buy these blonde Solo repros NRFB for $10 plus s&h on Amazon, they're not exactly in demand. I wouldn't spend money on the doll if I had to order her online but I'll gladly pay $1.29 at the Goodwill again, even without the dress and shoes.