Friday, March 21, 2014

Thrifty updates

Thrifting in 2014 so far looks a lot more promising than last year, if the first 3 months are any indication.


In January I found this odd couple on the same day:

Jenny and Jackson

That's a Monster High Gloom Beach Jackson Jekyll and a Japanese Takara doll (Jenny or one of her friends) wearing Liv pants, Liv boots, and an unidentified shirt that doesn't fit or match the pants. They were $3 each. Jenny used to be called Barbie in Japan but in 1986 Takara changed her name when Takara and Mattel ended their licensing agreement for the Barbie name.

Last year I bought a Jenny clone at the same Goodwill, but this girl is the real thing with a body marked Takara. Nice! She fits right in:

Jenny (clone), Jenny, Jenny, Jenny


In February I found a black and white Skull Shores Frankie at the Goodwill ($2).

This doll was crazy cheap on a Friday the 13th in 2012, around $3.13 at multiple stores like TRU and Walmart. I bought a few when they were new at the super sale price, but I couldn't pass up a thrifty ghoul. She's the third MH doll I've seen at thrift shops since the dolls were first released in 2010 so it's still a small thrill to find one.


Now we're caught up to March. It's another ghoul! She's my first Howleen,
aka Clawdeen's little werewolf sister.

This is highly unusual. It looks like someone took 13 Wishes Howleen out of the box, removed everything from the liner, and then dropped it ALL back in the box. Her outfit is complete, including her black hat and purse, and her hedgehog was in the box as well. The original owner even put the stand and its instructions, brush, and Howleen's journal back in. I'd love to know the story behind this donation.
At first I assumed there was a pillow/cushion missing because the liner has an empty space labelled Cushion. Turns out her hedgehog's name is Cushion. I didn't notice the trademark (TM) after the name, that should've clued me in. :)

Goodwill wanted $6 for Howleen so I almost returned her to the shelf because her right arm below the elbow appeared to be missing and $6 is too much for an incomplete doll. Tilting the box a few times revealed the rest of her arm (with bracelets) was in the box as well. The peg wasn't broken off so I assumed it'd pop right back into the socket, which it did. Good as new!

Yesterday I went by the Goodwill after an appointment so I stopped in for a quick look. I bought a Hayden Liv doll with stains on her head, that's probably why she was only $1.29 (default price at GW for toys without a price tag). I didn't care about the stains, I needed the body.

The Jenny clone I found last year had a bad body (thin hollow plastic, basic articulation) so I'd been looking for a cheap replacement. I'll keep Hayden's head because her pretty hazel green inset eyes can be removed and placed in another doll.
Here are the two thrift shop Jennys in new outfits and Jenny Clone with her new Liv body.

They are so sweet, I wish I could afford to buy a lot more Jenny dolls, but I'll keep an eye out for more of them at the thrifts. :) That reminds me, somewhere in a box I have a couple Japanese Licca dolls that were bought at a Goodwill up north many years ago, but I haven't been able to find them since I moved.

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