Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Promotional photos of *new* Cutie Pops

This week Jada Toys released promotional photos of Carmel, a new doll in their Cutie Pops line. They've been hyping this doll for months on their website.

Carmel. Promo photo from Jada Toys

Her outfit is completely different than the prototype Carmel shown at Toy Fair back in January. I prefer the original look, which apparently didn't make it to production. Her striped socks are cute and I like the forks on the plates attached to her skirt, but that's not enough to make me buy a $20 doll. Maybe the next Carmel will be more appealing to me, I like her hair color.

We were also allowed a look at the next version of Candi and Chiffon -- at least I think these are dolls and not just outfits.

Carmel, Chiffon, Candi. Promo photo from Jada Toys.

What is Chiffon wearing? These outfits pale in comparison to the first wave dolls.

I'll buy Candi's blue dress if it's sold as an ~$8 outfit (and there isn't anything else doll related I really want in the store when I see it), but to me it's not worth spending $20 on another Candi doll just to get the dress. Maybe in a year or two I'll find the doll at Ross for $9.

I really like the first wave dolls a lot, but I plan to keep my CP doll count to a minimum. Currently I have two (Candi and Starr) and I might buy Chiffon 1.0 next time I see her on sale, because her outfit is sweet and this new pinkified Chiffon doesn't interest me at all.

You can see all the new promotional photos here.