Wednesday, August 22, 2012

August thrift finds and a new monster

I haven't had anything too interesting or exciting to show you but it has been awhile since I last updated so here's a quick overview of what I've thrifted in the last month.

First wave Daniela at Goodwill, $3. She has her original pants, top, and wig with a purple streak.

SpinMaster has ceased making Liv dolls so keep an eye out for clearance sales if you like these girls. I missed Target's big sale, a couple months ago they had dozens of Livs (mainly the yucky 2012 line) but yesterday there wasn't a trace of Liv in the toy department. All gone. That's what I get for slacking off on my Target runs, I was eyeing those dolls with the bright colorful wigs and waiting for a deep discount. I'll be more careful with TRU, they dropped their base price on Liv again so now I'm waiting for a % off those new base prices sale. Number 1 on my wanted list is the dancing Alexis, she has pretty dark skin and a cool blue wig. It's a shame SpinMaster designers messed with the legs for the dancing gimmick, but she'll still look great posed on my bookshelf in a new outfit. She's now $10 at TRU but earlier this summer TRU had a couple 50% off Liv sales so maybe that'll happen again. The girls are taking up a lot of valuable real estate in the store, c'mon TRU, help me help you. :)

Speed Racer Ken (missing helmet and shoes) at Value Village, $2. He was in a bag by himself, his lady was nowhere in sight (too bad, I like her a lot). I really like his jacket, that's the main reason I bought this doll. He has a good face sculpt as well, for a dude.

It's My Nature Hayden (including wig and partial outfit) at Value Village, $2

A couple weeks ago I spotted It's My Nature Hayden on clearance at TRU. I had been meaning to buy her earlier this year but the local store sold out before I got around to it. She was the last doll I needed to complete the IMN set so I was happy to see her back on the shelf. This week I found IMN Hayden again, missing her hat and long sleeved shirt, at Value Village. This led to an uncomfortable scene at home, when Hayden found her identical twin wrapped in plastic.

Dani & Hayden did not expect this
Someone at VV decided to bag Hayden and Speed Racer solo, which is fine with me. I prefer buying exactly the dolls I want rather than paying more money to get just one desirable doll stuck in a bag of duds.

Monsters Monsters Monsters!

Mattel has been playing catch up. It took until August but I finally found Cupid at Walmart. Basic Frankie and Draculaura are back in big numbers, they weren't around here for the first 7 months of 2012 (at all!) and now they're everywhere. Rochelle the gargoyle girl is finally in stock at TRU. I had only seen her once before, the same week she was first released a few months ago. The new playsets and accessories have also been heavily stocked in all toy departments.

The Ghouls Rule monsters look cheap and poorly designed (just my opinion), I won't be buying them even when they go on sale. I'm not complaining, there are plenty of monsters I want, it's a bit of a relief to know I don't have to spend money on those dolls. :) The Dot Dead Gorgeous trio was at TRU earlier this month, I almost bought Spectra but her face paint was a bit messy. That can wait until they show up again. I did buy Cupid at Walmart, the Operetta roller derby girl (on sale at Fred Meyer), and this TRU exclusive Frankie:

TRU exclusive Frankie Stein
cute tie
She's a good value at $25 because the doll comes with three cute outfits, including three pairs of shoes. I also appreciate that her hair looks so different from other Frankies, it's disappointing when it feels like I'm buying the same doll over and over again to get a new outfit.

Thanks for stopping by! :)