Friday, October 12, 2012

Knit dresses for LPS Blythe

I knit two more dresses for the petite dolls. I'm still experimenting with modifications to the original Kelly pattern. There's more info on that pattern at the end of this post.

This first dress was knit in the round so the back doesn't open (where you'd normally put something like velcro or a snap). This looks great, but it made dressing little Blythe and Pullip difficult because their arms stick out at an angle and don't simply move straight up and down like Kelly dolls. Squeezing the tiny arms made me worried they'd pop off the body, so lollipop girl will keep this dress, which she's quite happy about. I didn't plan for it to match her face up and accessories so perfectly, that was serendipity.

A halter style dress would work better for LPS Blythe. Her head pops off easily so I can remove the head, slide her body into the dress, pull the halter strap over her headless neck, and then put the head back on. No snap or Velcro required and no danger of breaking Blythe's arm just to get her in a dress.

This outfit doesn't really match her bubblegum pink lips

Déjà vu

You might have seen the following photos before, when I first posted them in March. Little Pullip and LPS Blythe are wearing the first doll dress I knit, which swims a bit on the petites but fits Barbie's sister Kelly correctly -- which makes sense as the pattern was written for Kelly. The Kelly (or Shelly, as she's known in Europe) dress pattern is #645 from "Sticka till Barbie," a Swedish website with hundreds of free knitting patterns for fashion dolls... and Monchichi, in case you have a monkey in need of clothes.

too big!


  1. I love the new dresses! Very creative!

  2. To solve this problem I have, with varying success, bound off the back & continued knitting flatwise. I so doing I have made halter dresses and tops with a snap at the back of the neck. These came out better than when I made straps and sewed them to the back, where I bound off.

  3. These are very sweet dresses and fit your little dolls perfectly. Why don't you just stop knitting in the round once you are past the waist and just knit the rows backwards and forwards? This would give you a back opening and the knit would probably stretch enough to cope with a press stud closure. The armholes look like they are are just knitted openings so that should be easy enough to knit into a row instead of a round. I'll have to check out that website though, thanks for the link.