Saturday, September 29, 2012

Cutie Sushi

I just love these girls...

What are Candi and Starr up to?


Ah, they've gone to Tylie's sushi restaurant for dinner! What's on the menu?

stupid glare

"We brought our own desserts!"

Dolls: La Dee Da Tylie, Cutie Pops Starr and Candi

The "Sweet Neighbourhood Delicious Sushi" playset was purchased at Big Lots several years ago. I made both signs to cover up the original boring graphics (and need to make some slight adjustments and print them again for a better fit). The pink base should be painted black or red, just add that to the list of little projects I'll maaaybe get around to someday. Actually a strip of paper covering the pink would look good and be a lot easier. I googled but can't find the playset for sale anywhere. It was on Amazon at one time so a seller might offer it again if they find a box in a warehouse.

Starr and Candi are wearing Cutie Pops fashions and pieces from two of the hair/eye packs (Day in the Park and Evening Wear). Candi is wearing the polka dot closed eyes that came with Starr.

What looks like striped tights on Candi are supposed to be worn on the arms but I tried them on her legs and like the look. Maybe I'll make tights to go with this outfit and then the arms won't need to be bare. The back of the Evening Wear box shows blue and light green cake slices on the dress, it really helped tone down all the pink. Now the slices are blue, light pink, and darker pink. Thanks little girls, I'll never understand why you're so obsessed with pink, which scares toy makers silly. Must offer pink! More pink! Ugh. (Actually, I do think Candi looks darling in this pink outfit, the green cake slices would've been nice though.) The strawberries on the cake had tiny white dots that were also nixed between prototype and production. I think that could be replicated at home with a straight pin and white paint?

I really need to find my VERY BIG box of fashion doll shoes to expand Liv and Cutie Pops footwear options. I think it's in the storage unit. There are a lot of things I think and hope are in the storage unit!



  1. They do look very cute. I love their closed eyelids. And your sushi stand looks amazingly detailed.

  2. Hi I loved your dolly blog,your dolls in the above post are very cute.I loved your Sushi corner,it's cuteeeeeee!!:)I just followed you,I have a doll blog,I would appreciate it very much if you follow me back at :D Thanks!

  3. Thank you!! Hi Pam, I will visit your blog and bookmark it. I don't follow any blogs in a way that shows me in a list of followers (yet, I've been meaning to look into it), but I check the blog bookmarks almost every day. I know, bookmarks are so passe! :)

  4. What a cute sushi bar! Love seeing your La Dee Da doll, too. I think that are adorable.