Thursday, May 10, 2012

A Moxie Surprise

Guess who I saw again?

Looks like nobody wanted to spend $5 on Moxie Teen Arizona. I found her again at Value Village with a new price tag. This is definitely the same doll, I remember the flower sticker on her forehead added as a unique touch by her former owner. The jacket would've been nice but I'm happy she has her shoes and a basic shirt. My plan is to dye her clothing, maybe I'll experiment with dyeing the doll too (she's a duplicate in my collection). Don't ask why $5 seemed too much but $3 was acceptable, I can't explain it.

Aside: As you've probably noticed I usually round prices up because it seems silly to say $2.99 when $3 is essentially the same thing, and $3 is a more accurate reflection of the price, if that makes sense to anyone else. I won't report something cost $2 when it was really $2.99 but that's how we as customers are trained to think of prices ending in 95 or 99 cents.

First wave Arizona, she needs a bath

Her lips look different than my other 1st wave Arizona, the lip liner is more pronounced. I wish Arizona had brown eyes, Madison has blue eyes with a tan and they look too similar on my shelf, though it helps if I put a blonde wig on Madison. Oh well. I could change them if I want to but it's not worth ordering new eyes and switching them out, the eyes would cost more than the doll. :)

Let's see what all was included in her bag, I don't think I've documented one of these thrifted random bags of toys before.

  1. Moxie Teen Arizona w/ pink shirt, skirt with attached lace leggings, black boots
  2. Mattel fairy doll
  3. cute Mattel picnic basket
  4. brown and white skirt with blue trim, homemade
  5. plaid skirt (the waist is a little big on Arizona, she's wearing it here)
  6. red and pink striped hat, too big for any of my dolls
  7. tiny shirt
  8. two pink and white chairs, one is missing the white back piece
  9. a rectangle of purple nylon fabric

Not bad for $3 but none of it's worth anything to me without the Arizona doll too. As usual I'll do one of three things with this extra stuff: 1) keep it, 2) donate it back, 3) give it to my nieces (they're almost 3 and 5). Sometimes I'll throw an item out if it's true junk and not worth putting back into the thrift stream.

Speaking of changing prices... starting last week the local Goodwill is once again putting $2 and $3 stickers on a lot of their fashion dolls. This isn't a big deal but it'll affect how many dolls I thrift. On Monday I ended up not buying a couple $3 dolls I would've purchased if they had been $1.29, which is the price I've grown accustomed to. One was a Moxie Girl missing a foot-shoe (it snaps on at the ankle, just like Bratz shoes) with wrecked hair and a cute but dirty outfit that had noticeable play wear. I wanted her for a Monster High CAM body but I'll wait to find a cheaper donor doll. Oh well! If the Goodwill doll is in great condition then $3 is fine, but I'll be a lot pickier now.

Here's an example of a Moxie Girl I bought a couple months ago for $1.29:

This is my only intact Moxie Girl (the other one was a thrifted mess and I turned her into a MH CAM body last week). I probably would've paid $3 for this MG, but at $1.29 she was an easy purchase. I'm not cutting her up because she's adorable and there isn't anything wrong with her. :) I can't imagine buying more of these Moxie Girlz dolls new in stores because they're not exactly my style but I couldn't resist this cutie with such a great outfit.

I love her freckles!



  1. We think alike! When something is marked that way, I'm grateful for the penny, nickel or quarter saved, but the whole dollar amount leaves my purse, plus tax! :) Thrift-ed dolls are so much fun and so much temptation! :) I've yet to find a Moxie Teen in a thrift store, though.
    Have you considered reselling some of your toy bag extras? Some lots sell on eBay. I think it's worth a shot to list for free, as long as I don't miscalculate and end up paying to give mt dolls & stuff away. :)

  2. Now that's how doll bags should be packaged, so you can see what you are getting. I think for what you got, the price was right. I'm so arbitrary about what I'll pay for stuff. I get a set price in my head and refuse to pay different... even if my price is ridiculous. ^_^

  3. New follower here!

    Ok, I love seeing what people find at the thrift store, and all I can say is, man, I must be going to the wrong thrift stores! Mine never have great doll stuff!!!

    $3 for that doll bag was great! I really love those stools!! I wish they'd have more doll furniture around here!

  4. You found some great items. I love they way they packaged them up so you can "see" the conditions of items. The furniture really is cute.

  5. The brown skirt is not homemade, though it looks a lot like that. It came with a playalong Hannah Montana Miley doll.