Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Killer Style Monsters

A few months ago I ordered two Monster High dolls from Amazon. Turns out I overpaid for one but got a good deal on the other (and both qualified for free shipping, a very good thing).

The monster I wanted more than anything was Dawn of the Dance Clawdeen Wolf. I love everything about her, especially her rave green hair and tights. At the time she was only $21, which seemed like a great deal because the DotD dolls are no longer in stores around here. Her price has since gone up to $35 on Amazon but it could go down if a large number are made available again.

Eventually I'll probably wash the shellac out of her hair

The other monster goes by different names because Mattel didn't give her line a special descriptive name. On Amazon she's listed as "Classrooms Draculaura." According to this Wikia entry, Amazon sellers mistakenly thought she was part of the Classroom line. This is odd because she doesn't come with a locker or classroom accessories. The boxes are also completely different. I've seen her called "Killer Style Draculaura" by fans and that name at least makes some sense so it's what I'll use.

I resisted the classic shhh! pose

What is she exactly? Essentially she's a Gloom Beach Draculaura dressed up in a modified version of her Day at the Maul outfit. (Day at the Maul is a clothing pack featuring two outfits, one for Draculaura and one for Frankie Stein, and some accesories for their friend Clawdeen.) A few months ago I paid $27 on Amazon for this Draculaura and now she's $18. I hate it when that happens!

The other half of the Killer Style line is Frankie Stein. She also has Gloom Beach face paint (but with a new hairstyle) and like Draculaura she's wearing a modified version of her Day at the Maul outfit. I had no plans to order her off Amazon (where she's listed as "Classrooms Frankie Stein," so weird!!) but I saw her at Fred Meyer on Sunday for $15 and decided it'd be nice to have a matching set of the two Killer Style dolls. I'd much rather buy a doll in person due to the messy facepaint and bad hair these monsters are often plagued with. It's hard enough just being a monster, get with the program Mattel!

Love the neck bolts

The Killer Style dolls and Day at the Maul clothing pack were released a month apart, in June and July 2011. It's not clear why the Killer Style outfits are very similar but not exactly the same as the two outfits in the Day at the Maul set.

Let's be honest, it was likely a scheme to get more money out of fans who neeeeeed both versions of the outfits. I think they're too similar so I won't buy the DatM fashion pack. It pops up every so often at the TRU here, I think it's $15 retail.


These two dolls come with a stand, hairbrush, and a cute but fairly useless charm, also found in a Monster High keychain sold separately. The charms are plastic instead of metal so I think the skull shaped part would break due to normal wear and tear if attached to a bag or keychain. I pinned them to the wall where they will likely stay FOREVER.

Draculaura's pet Count Fabulous and Frankie's pet Watzit


  1. Dawn of the Dance Clawdeen is lovely. She hasn't made it to Australia yet and maybe she never will be on the shelves. I'm interested in knowing how you wash the shellac out of her hair as I have a Torelai with the same helmet hair which I don't like. Does it look very different? Pictures please.

    1. Warm water and shampoo washes that junk right out of their hair (Here's a pic of my Dawn of the Dance Clawdeen with washed hair: )
      But with Torelai you will lose her hair stripes if you wash it, so as long as you're ok with that, wash away! (they spread out, or just disappear)

    2. Thanks heather, I'll have to think about it then for Torelai but at least I'll know what to do for any other dolls with that problem.

  2. I agree with you on buying in person.... I've seen a LOT of MH girls lately with *really* shoddy eye makeup. It's sad. I'm just grateful I buy them to repaint them and don't have to worry bout it too much. LOL.

  3. These gorgeous dolls were available in Costco here in Canada just before the winter holiday season. I purchased two of them and could kick myself now because they were only $7.97 CAN!