Sunday, February 19, 2012

A new outfit for Moxie Teen Bijou

I was poking around Flickr and read that MGA's 14" Moxie Teenz can wear some Ty Girlz outfits. That's the same Ty responsible for flooding the world with Beanie Babies. Uh, wonderful. Ty Girlz have zero appeal to me but I filed this information away in my brain -- Bijou and Tristen need new clothes. I didn't expect to find a Ty Girlz doll any time soon though, especially not at a price I was willing to pay just for the outfit. Then I stopped by the Goodwill a few days later and found one! It was well worth $1.29 to satisfy my curiosity and see how the outfit fit my MT girls.

Seriously, can doll companies stop with the words ending in Z instead of S already? It's ridiculouz.

Here is Moxie Teen Bijou in a Moxie Teenz pink wig, she borrowed the hat and boots from her MT friend Tristen. The sparkly shirt, pleather jacket, and pants are from Ty Girlz Rockin' Ruby. I love Bijou so much, she's 100 times prettier in person and this pink wig looks perfect on her!

Clearly I need to work on my lighting skills. I'll get better!

This outfit was sewn onto the Rockin' Ruby fabric body with a few simple stitches tacking down each piece, including the choker (not shown, I need to resize it to fit Bijou's smaller neck). This was a happy surprise because it increases the odds of finding a used Ty Girl still in her complete outfit. The shoes are part of the doll's feet however, so they can't be removed.

Important note: This is the only Ty Girl I've seen in person so I don't know if other dolls in this line have some clothing pieces that can't be removed. It might depend on the doll, buyer beware.

The pants are too short for Bijou but otherwise fit well and the legs could be tucked into boots (same with Ken doll pants on Moxie Teenz, btw). The sleeves on the jacket are also too short but this can be fixed with black faux fur or black lace trim around the wrists. The jacket as it appears in this photo looks like it might be too small but Bijou could close her new jacket with double-stick tape (there are no fasteners to hold it shut). I didn't want to cover up her sparkly top so I left it open.

This was a moderate success so I'll keep my eye out for more Ty Girlz at thrift shops. It seems like dresses, skirts, shorts, and short sleeve shirts from Ty Girlz would probably fit Moxie Teenz without modification, but that is just a guess based on very limited information. Avoid pants and long sleeves unless you want to modify the length with trim. Some Ty Girlz pants might look like cute capri pants on the Moxie Teenz but the bell bottoms shown here aren't the right style for that effect.




  1. I'm looking for more clothes for my Moxie's. I am looking at a couple of other doll lines to see if they will work. If I find some I will let you know.

  2. That would be great, thanks Dollz4Moi! I like some of the extra MT fashions I've seen in the stores but they're only sold at TRU around here and $10, so it'd be wonderful to have other clothing sources we could be looking for on sale or at thrifts.