Sunday, February 26, 2012

The doll that brought me back

Daniela, Alexis, & Katie

The Goodwill has been good to me lately. In January I found a first wave Katie Liv doll dressed in her original shirt, pants, and shoes but no wig ($1.29). I had no idea who she was so I googled the Spin Master name on her head and fell back into the world of dolls. While researching this line I discovered a lot of adult doll collectors don't like them, but that's fine. The world would be boring if we all liked the same thing!

First Wave Katie w/ new wig and thrifted jacket

I was so charmed by Katie I went to Fred Meyer to find a Liv friend and wig for her. They had "It's My Nature" Daniela and Katie on sale so I splurged on Daniela ($10 -- 50% off!) and three cool Liv wigs ($5 x 3). I also used a $2.00 off toy coupon because every bit helps.

It's My Nature Daniela w/ new wig

Recently at the same Goodwill I found another Liv doll wearing a pink wig ($1.29). After studying various Liv faces on Flickr I think she's "It's My Nature" Alexis in a different wig. The red plastic stud earrings (now removed) and gold bracelet make me less than 100% sure, but they could've been borrowed from another doll. The pink wig looks like it came with the Liv Salon Studio.

I found the best light in the house -- the laundry room. Now I need a better backdrop.

You might recognize her new outfit. The green jacket, boots, and tights are from a vintage Barbie repro fashion. The playline Barbie dress was on a thrift store doll, I like it better than the plain white dress from the repro fashion. Oh, her feet don't actually fit in those Barbie boots, I pointed her feet straight down and shoved them in there. Yay for articulated feet and models that don't complain!

I'm ahead on wigs so it's OK if I find a few more bald Liv dolls at the thrift shops, they'll have hair at home waiting for them. They can wear my extra Moxie Teenz wigs too.


I titled this post "The doll that brought me back" because Katie is the reason I ventured back into the doll aisles and started looking at all the new dolls available. To make a LONG story short, I stopped buying new dolls in 2005 for various reasons but never stopped looking for dolls (mainly vintage Barbie and friends) in thrift shop toy bins. If I hadn't found Katie last month then I'd still be oblivious about Liv, Moxie Teenz, and Monster High -- and I'd have more money. ;)


  1. Great finds! I have found a few of the Liv dolls at the Thrift Store, but not lately. I started collecting Vintage 50 dolls, but after awhile couldn't find them at garage sales anymore. Then came Barbie, Liv and now MH. Find most of my dolls at the Thrift Store, garage or estate sales or the flea market but pick up some at the store. Have found some 50's dolls at the Thrift Store, but you got to be there when they put them out because they are gone right away. Enjoy reading your blog. Happy Thrifting!

  2. Hi Lemon Dolls, welcome to blogger world. Lol! I love your blog. I found my first Liv also at the thrift store. I robbed her of her body though because I love the articulation.

    P.S. Thanks Frannie for introducing another nice blogspot.

  3. Hi Lemon Dolls and welcome to blogger:) dropping by on the recommendation of Frannie. Love your photos and I am looking forward to more of your posts.

  4. I love my LIV dolls. I have the ones that are my main girls. I also have a few that are/were body donors. I have swapped eyes with a couple of girls too. I love that they can fit into my other doll clothes but they have their own.

    Welcome to Blogger :O)

  5. Hi to the world of blogging! I'm not a big fan of Liv dolls, but I love their articulation!

  6. Hi and Welcome!! YOu and Frannie have the best luck at the thrift stores. You found some really great items.

  7. Wow, thank you for all the kind comments everyone, and thank you to Frannie for pointing people to my little blog. I have SO many dolls to blog about. I hit dry spells where it seems like I don't find anything doll related but I have a huge backlog of stuff to share, I've been thrifting for dolls for 12 years. :)

    Frannie, the vintage stuff has really disappeared from thrifts around here too, 10-12 years ago it was a lot easier to find 60s and 70s dolls. Nothing too exciting (I never found a ponytail or AG in my price range -- sometimes thrifts DO know what they have and price accordingly) but there have been some really neat dolls that I wouldn't have been able to afford otherwise. I guess the rarity of thrifty vintage in 2012 makes it even more fun when I do find something that predates the Superstar era.

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