Wednesday, August 27, 2014

It doesn't hurt to ask (usually)

An unexpected thing happened at TRU today and I was reminded once again it doesn't hurt to ask a simple question.

On Sunday I received an email from TRU showing the new Wydowna spider doll was on sale for $20 ($5 off) this week. (It pays to open those emails and see what's on sale. Most of the time there's nothing I want to buy but it only takes a few seconds to look.) Of course in a year she might be $10 on clearance, who knows, but I didn't want to wait that long for a sale that might not happen.

TRU Exclusive "I love Fashion" Wydowna, TRU promo photo

In case you didn't know, Wydowna was the Monster High ComicCon exclusive doll last year and she was a big hit. Many MH fans were disappointed this was the only way to get a MH spider doll because you had to attend ComicCon to buy her from Mattel and she cost a lot of money on the secondary market. Good news spider fans! Mattel just released another Wydowna doll as a TRU exclusive (part of their MH "I love Fashion" series so she comes with three outfits).She hasn't shown up everywhere yet so I was a little surprised to already see her advertised as being on sale. Cool.

I really dig her blue lips

I went to TRU today to see if Wydowna was in stock and to inquire about a rain check for the sale price if she wasn't there. They had some new MH dolls like the moody ones with changeable eyes and internal organs, but no Wydowna. That prompted the following exchange:

me: Hi, is it possible to get a rain check for a doll that's on sale?
TRU: We don't usually do rain checks. Which one?
me: The Monster High spider doll, she's on sale for $20.
TRU: Let me see if I can order it for you and send it to your house.
me: Oh that's OK, I'd rather not pay shipping.
TRU: There's no shipping charge.
me: And I pay the sale price?
TRU: Yep!
me: OK, yes, please! :D

She confirmed she could order it and entered in my address info and printed out a receipt after I paid for it. The manager had to be called over to enter in a free shipping code ($6 value, nice) and he didn't ask any questions so it seemed fairly routine at this store.
Soon to be mine!

The only downside to this arrangement is that I couldn't choose the specific Wydowna to buy among all the options on the shelf. I have to admit I sometimes take 10-15 minutes to decide on which doll looks the best, and they probably look exactly the same to everyone else, ha! Anyway, if it turns out I'm unhappy with smeared lipstick or whatever on the doll that shows up then I'll just leave the box sealed and exchange her in store when they have a good selection in stock.

You can buy Wydowna online at the $20 sale price until 08/30, but you'll have to pay shipping if you order from home. You might be able to get free shipping if your local TRU doesn't have her in stock but I don't know if this is company policy or unique to my store. It doesn't hurt to ask! :)


  1. Hello from Spain: great purchase. Great doll. Keep in touch...

  2. Lucky you. It shows it really does pay to ask. I hope you get a lovely doll - and please post pictures when you do.