Sunday, March 11, 2012

Talking Barbie on mute

This is a 1968 Brownette Talking Barbie head on a TNT body. I found the head last year at Value Village on a tan TNT body. The vinyl didn't match but I had the body shown here already at home so it worked out nicely. What a lucky girl, she has had three bodies over the last 44 years! Oh, to be a doll! Her new body was also a thrift store buy. Its original TNT head needs a reroot, who knows when I'll get around to it.

She's missing some paint on her upper lip but she still displays nicely. That is an easy fix as far as paint touch-ups go, I'd much rather fix lips than eyes or eyebrows. I tied her hair in a side ponytail with thread as a temporary style, when I'm up for the challenge I'll find skinny pink ribbon and replicate her original 1968 hairstyle.

The pink one-shoulder ruffle dress is a recent buy from Value Village, it was bundled with some other clothes and two dressed Mattel dolls -- I'll blog about those later. Can you identify the pink dress? It looks like a very nice playline Barbie dress. There's no label and a Velcro closure. It was designed for a doll with a smaller bust, it doesn't close completely on the vintage TNT body. Pink is not my favorite color but I really like this dress a lot. I tried it on a few different dolls and thought it looked best on Talking Barbie.  If you click the above link (ok, here it is again) you'll see it's a similar color to her original outfit.

I'm still working on the photographs. I made a light box last week using materials I had around the house (which I can write about if anyone is interested) and today I bought a new desk lamp at the Goodwill ($2.50, it was a red tag which meant 50% off) so future pictures should look better than these Talking Barbie photos. She was my test subject, I tried out the light box with only one light, two should be better? I'll keep messing around with the box and lights to see what works, and will look into decent backgrounds too. :)


  1. What a beautiful doll! Also like the dress. It is so feminine! Would love to hear about the light box and how it is used!

  2. Hello from Spain: congratulations on your photos. The pink dress is also one of my favorites. I bought it last year. Barbie looks pretty good in the new body. . We remain in contact blog to blog.

  3. She's a pretty doll and she looks great in that dress!