Saturday, April 21, 2012

April's Thrifted Dolls

There was a serious doll drought at thrifts over the last few weeks but then Spring break happened and kids were forced to clean out their rooms. Hurray!

Last Sunday I finally spotted Moxie Teenz and LPS Blythe dolls at a thrift shop. Barbies and clones are easy to find, I usually see at least one or two Bratz and Moxie Girlz, but I'd never seen MT or Little Blythe before. I'll briefly explain my thoughts while I debated buying the dolls.

Value Village tagged the MT Arizona, bundled with a few forgettable small toys, at $5 -- with a grey price tag which means the bag won't go on sale, bah. They don't do that often with toys, the VV pricer thought Arizona was special. She had her ankle boots (shoes are always a plus), skirt with attached lace leggings, and pink shirt. She was missing her wig, jacket, bag, hat, and jewelry. I already have this Arizona (thanks to TRU, Moxie Teenz are now $15 there) so I decided $5 was too much for a duplicate and incomplete doll, especially since she was missing her jean jacket, which is the best part of her outfit. I'd really like to dye one of those jackets dark blue. Hopefully someone else will be thrilled to find her!

As you'd expect, her tiny shoes were missing

LPS Blythe was bagged with a few small toys, like this Lion King figure, for $2. Not much thought went into this purchase, I looked her over carefully for chew marks and stains, she passed inspection, she went into the shopping basket. She's wearing her original dress but I would've bought her nude so that wasn't a factor. I already have this Blythe but for a couple bucks I can customize the duplicate without being upset if she's ruined in the process. She's definitely getting freckles (click for a great tutorial on another site).

Then I spotted a female BBI action figure wearing a black pleather outfit inspired by The Matrix, also $2. The Matrix happens to be my favorite action movie. The knee high boots looked amazing and they priced it right (another buck and she probably would've stayed on the peg). No pictures yet, Arizona is modeling the outfit right now and she demands her own post for showing off. Bossy girl! The boots posed an unexpected and interesting challenge but they are adaptable to Moxie Teenz feet. More on this next week.

On Monday I went to the Goodwill and found this pretty Mattel doll with a blue flip hairstyle ($1.29). Her hair had a lot of gel in it and looked dingy so I washed it out and finger styled the flip back into place. Her shirt and pants soaked in warm water and a little OxiClean, my favorite doll clothes detergent.

Obviously not her original outfit

Google Images helped identify her as a 2005 Fairytopia doll named Azura. She is wearing the mismatched outfit I found her in, it's cute and goes with her fun personality so she'll stay in it for now. The vinyl used for her legs makes it look like she's wearing permanent blue patterned tights, which doesn't bother me. I love her hair color and closed mouth! Teeth usually detract from a doll's overall beauty, in my opinion, so it made me especially happy to find a blue hair playline doll without a white stripe across her mouth. Azura is the first example of this face sculpt in my collection, it's always cool when I find a fashion doll with a new-to-me face.

What happened to my doll diet? Well, cheap thrift store dolls don't count in my world. :) The three dolls average out to around $1.75 each and I don't feel guilty about that. I'll wait until May to buy Moxie Teenz Gavin or more Monsters. I wonder how long it will take for me to find a Monster High doll at a thrift shop? I've heard it's already happened to other thrifters!


  1. Azura is pretty. I love her hair color. Nice thrift store finds!

    Happy Saturday to you!

  2. She is very cute. Congrats on all your finds. I really need to find some great thrift stores here in Charlotte!

  3. Great find! I too have just purchased a doll with blue hair and am figuring out how to dress her. I like the Azura doll; she is very pretty. I have seen her in stores before and was wondering if they used the Nichelle head sculpt for this doll. She looks like a white version of the doll.
    BTW, how did you do that effect on the last picture of Azura! That was great too!